Welcome to the 2019 BHS All Night Party!!

Since 1974, the Belmont High School All Night Party, held on graduation night, has been organized and hosted by the Junior Class parents. It is a tradition that has created a safe and fun environment for our seniors to spend one last night together in their high school and celebrate their graduation together.

Starting at 9 p.m. on June 2nd and concluding at 5 a.m. on June 3rd, this year’s All Night Party will provide games, contests, dances, entertainment, music, food, refreshments and good times.

FIRST FUNDRAISER!!! We are kicking off (pun intended) our efforts with Super Bowl Squares. We are selling 100 squares at $100 each and prizes will work as follows:

  • You win $350 every time the score changes. For example if the score is 0-0 and one team scores a touchdown, the person who has 6-0 wins $350 and if they get the extra point the person who has 7-0 gets $350.
  • You will also automatically win $350 if you draw the numbers 2-2, 5-5 and 8-8 prior to the game starting.
  • The person who has the final score of the game will win $1,000.
There are multiple opportunities to win. Pick a number between 1 and 100 and try your luck. For more information or to purchase squares contact lostayan@gmail.com. The deadline is Feb 1.

WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS!!! We are collecting pictures of your seniors for a slideshow that will play continuously at the All Night Party.  We would like to include favorite and most memorable activities from their High School years; sports, music, plays, school trips, events, life in a day at BHS, etc. All of the images will be reviewed by the All Night Party Committee before incorporation into the slide show and will not be shared electronically with anyone. Please upload your jpeg images by May 10th to DROPBOX.  If you have any questions you can contact Chan Parkchanypark2004@gmail.com or Sujin Cho sjcho1104@yahoo.com.

Seniors must turn in a signed All Night Party contract for their ticket to be valid on June 2, 2019. A dropbox will be available in the Main Office.

Thank you for your support,
The All Night Party Committee

Committee Name Email
Chair Lynn Findlay lynn@lynnfindlay.com
Fundraising Linda Ostayan lostayan@gmail.com
Decoration Sarah DeStefano
Rick Chasse
Linda Chasse
Caren Pizzuto
Katia Muser
Silke Nielsen
Memories Chan Park
Sujin Cho
Food Sharon DeMarco shademarco@yahoo.com
Entertainment Joan Horgan
Suzy Trout
Volunteer Sign-Up Barry Devitt finbardevitt@gmail.com
Health and Safety Jeff Brody brodyj@jacksonlewis.com
Treasurer Ian Findlay ifindlay@lightwire.info
Website Karen Gut karen@gutim.org
Publicity Leah Lesser leah.lesser@gmail.com

Thanks to the support of our community: Patrons, Sponsors and Parents!